The Beauty of Embroidery

The NeedleWorks team loves embroidery. And for so many reasons! The main reason being it adds such a loving, personal touch to any item. We use lots of embroidery decoration on our personal projects.


Embroidery is simply taking materials, usually other fabric, though it can also include metals and jewels, and stitching them onto a larger piece of fabric for wonderful decoration. This usually includes pieces of clothing, such as robes, hats and shirts. You can also put embroidery on things such as blankets and pillows, towels and other miscellaneous items.


There are specific stitching methods that are typically used for embroidery projects. You can do this method by hand, though it’s much easier to use a machine. There are also several good tools for when you begin your projects, such as layouts and tracing paper. This will help when you are just getting started. It allows you to hone in your techniques without worrying about the creative process when starting out.

The two stitching techniques we use most often are the stem stitch and the split stitch. The stem stitch comes by its name honestly as it look very similar to a vine. Because of the way it moves by nature, the stem stitch is great to use for text and any outlines. It’s very flexible and has an easy time with any shape, ridged around. The split stitch, on the other hand is great for filling in outlines and designs. This stitch looks very similar to a braid and takes up a great deal of room without demanding too much work from you. It’s quite simple to pick up and will save you time in the long run and leaving your project with beautiful texture.

There are also many places you can go in order to get personalized embroidery work done in case you don’t care to do the work yourself. We’ve found some very talented people doing beautiful work all across the country. No matter where you live, you can surely find amazing work nearby, from custom embroidered hats to Christmas stockings. Or, if you can’t find any local designers, you can always go onto Etsy to find amazing work.


There are many resources to consider if you think you’re really interested in beginning your first project. If you’re looking for a great book to get you started, look into A-Z of Embroidery Stitches. This is where we tell all of our friends and followers to begin when the embroidery bug hits. Give it a shot, look into your options and enjoy!

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